Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Facebook workplace par Rav Saheb nu aaj nu Nivedan na Mukhy mudda

A private social network that is designed to cater to businesses, Workplace by Facebook is a spitting image of the social media platform. It sports tools that are very similar to those of Facebook, and they can be used to join groups, share information, and organize events, among others.

The app’s most notable attribute is its function as a team communication and messaging tool. For employees, the platform can be used to create profiles, connect with others through instant messaging, make groups for individuals who  share interests with one another or those who come from common departments.

For companies, on the other hand, the application serves as a central communication hub from which both staff and managers can send volumes of messages using more advanced solutions. Events can likewise be scheduled, with videos recorded or live streamed,  which is very useful for corporate presentations.

One of the best things about Workplace by Facebook is that it is relatively inexpensive so that even small businesses can take advantage of its many features.

Rav saheb na Nivedanna mukhy mudda: Click Here

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