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J trivedi written. Maths short cut releted ganit all points in this book.

trivedi written. Maths short cut releted ganit all points in this book.

shortcut methods with basic maths book.

Book points :

1. Number



4. average

5. percentage


7. Simple interest

8. compound interest

9. ratio-ratio

10. Work-remuneration

11. Partnerships

12. Profit-loss

13. Example based on
 formulas of seed mathematics
14. area

15. Cube

16. Tap-tank

17. age based examples

18. Boats and flows

19. Train.

20. Trigonometry

21. Distance Height

22. parallel series

23. Yam Geometry

24. Statistics

25. Practice Paper

Book Photos:

Important :
This book is under copyright issue. We not update here book. This is very useful book for short cut method. please by and use this book.
Here the one's digit is having 6, so we will find square of which numbers from 1 to 9 are having 6 in the ones digit place which will be 4 and 6. So either 4 or 6 will form the one's digit of the square root of 4096.
⇒ Now we will find square of which number from 1 to 9 is the closest to the last two digits of 4096 i.e. 40 which will be 62 = 36. So either 64 or 66 can be the square root of 4096.
⇒ Now multiply this 6 with its next number 7 which will come as 42. As 40 is smaller than 42, hence the smaller number 64 will be the desired square root.
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